Means for polishing the car!


Washing without water is a combination of unique gel nano polymer sprayed from the bottle with a trigger on the contaminated surface and soft and soft long-pile microfibre cloth that collects the dirt between their fibers. And nothing more. This is enough to make Your car always was in brilliant condition and was truly protected from almost all negative effects of the environment.

“WASHING LINE” is a sink without hoses, no buckets of water without harsh shampoos and electric washing device. Each component of the “classic” sink with water, carries additional costs and hidden dangers. Chemicals destroy our car, our environment and our immune system, and the high pressure apparatus is a source of constant costs, headaches and serious risk.


The most important advantage of cleaning and polishing without water that you can wash and Polish your car at any time and in any place you wish and at your discretion. You don’t have to specifically choose the time to agree on the record or stand in queues. You don’t waste fuel on a trip to the cleaning and back. The time spent on washing and polishing a single item, no more than 1-2 minutes. You can also easily wash and Polish the car element – in between trips, at the time of forced expectations, or natural stops.

“WASHING LINE” is a savings of up to 350 litres of drinking water per average passenger car. We are humbled and don’t even notice, but to wash the car with water is extremely inconvenient, messy and inefficient. For washing the car with water it is necessary to allocate a special place, arrange the plums and treatment facilities with disposal aggressive alkaline detergents. Wash the car with water with chemicals near your personal house or in the garden not so much stupid as it is dangerous. The ingestion of chemicals in groundwater has led to a complete ban in Europe such chaotic sinks even for personal purposes. The land is dead and dangerous to stay.


The principle of operation of the means for cleaning and polishing without water WASHING ONLINE is very simple. The tool is applied to a simple spray from the bottle through the trigger sprayer to the surface of the car. Nano-component particles of the composition are so small that they easily penetrate under any contamination, enveloping you in a kind of protective capsule every bit of dirt. At the same time on the surface of the body forms a durable protective polymer layer. The dirt without physical impact is separated from the paint coating and this suspension is easily going between the fibers of the microfiber. Since the spraying means “SINK ONLINE . dirt particles never touch neither among themselves nor with the vehicle.


Means “SINK ONLINE is a complex multicomponent structure, including special songs designed to work with a variety of contaminants. The composition contains natural and synthetic waxes, silicone composition, antiseptic components for internal surfaces, specially designed surfactants. Know-how cleaning and polishing without water WASHING ONLINE” – is a unique formula component that runs on the principle of ion flotation, working on the border separating environments and allows you to transfer virtually any pollution in safe suspension, instantly separating impurities from the paint finish. In combination with the perfectly-matched Palami, the tool for cleaning without water, has no equal for the Russian conditions of any form of transport, in relation to the most persistent natural pollutants, and in comparison with any kind of classic water washing.


Means for washing polishing without water “WASHING LINE” – replaces all known compounds and cleaners for exterior washing any surfaces, and interior vinyl, plastic and polymer products. Deep clear gloss polished body, transparent glass effect “matter”, clean the wipers and not primernaya seals, shiny and protected by chrome elements, the updated plastic and rubber inserts, antimicrobial treatment patented composition on ostovany nano silver – all dostigaetsja ONE tool and creates an effect not just clean and shiny car! … both outside and inside!


Contactless washing does not exist! This obvious fact, why it is overlooked. When classic car wash in your machine cuts the stream of water under pressure of 150-300 bar, when the paintwork is OK strong alkaline chemicals when nedomytaya dirt guiraut dry rags – to be surprised by the scratches and missing Shine too late. At this pressure, cutting into the paint, the water – “a grain of sand has the power bullet”! But the body is the most expensive part of your car and maintain its attractiveness and cost is the main objective of any careful motorist. With regular use the “kitchen SINK ONLINE – dirt, in General, is not in contact with your car.


The cost for Cleaning and polishing without water WASHING ONLINE starts from 40 rubles – 50 rubles per one passenger car. Pollution and the size of the car directly affect the flow of funds. That’s why it regularly, on average, 1-2 times a week to use the “WASHING LINE” . Minimum stains can be removed faster, microfiber lasts longer means you spend less, protection of the machine increases. Now excuse the dirty car – no!


“Dry cleaning” and all derivatives of this name belong to a dry blast cleaning of unpainted surfaces. To dry the washing include: abrasive mechanical sandblasting and “mail bombing” solid “dry ice”. “Dry cleaning” is used in very narrow areas of industrial cleaning. In contrast to the “dry cleaning” . “WASHING LINE” does not contain abrasive elements, but at its core, is a fluid gel nano polymer with a soft silicone and wax compositions.


In our country, as in this list, ecology, unfortunately, is in last place. We have not a strong argument, but the situation is changing rapidly towards ecological disaster. 95% of the cars carry only 4 grams to 15 grams! contamination of dry matter. “Classic water washing cars spend up to 350 litres of drinking water for one car and poured into drains millions of gallons of corrosive alkaline chemical solutions. Chaotic distribution of car washes and glut their carwash market, has led to the availability of the concrete wash only 15-25%. About profit, development, or improvement of quality of services of the question. Classic water sinks need to survive. Drinking water without regard to…, polluting and non-biodegradable aggressive chemistry… minimum wage… work without WWTP and binding of neutralizing chemicals, negotiable or non-use of process water is, unfortunately, a typical situation for the Russian car wash business. And what happens on the banks of rivers and lakes, is not amenable at all to any reasonable explanation!

But now there is a worthy alternative – “SINK ONLINE !

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