Polishing body and car headlights

Over time, under the influence of aggressive environment paintwork of the car body loses its luster and becomes dull. The reason the effects of sun, salt, road dust, periodic sinks, etc. The same thing happens with the look of a car.

Car owners who love their car and want to see his beautiful and sparkling pristine gloss, we offer polishing body, glass and optics of the car.

The main purpose of polishing is to maintain the attractive appearance of the body of Your car, eliminating shallow scratches and making paint coating for more protection against aggressive environment.

In our work we use professional materials German company ’3 M» that rekomendovany the world’s leading brands. The vehicle is processed in stages using the selected polishing pastes with different grit size of the abrasive composition.

The process of restorative polishing allows you to remove all superficial scratches and abrasions, to restore the upper layer of varnish. Deep scratches are local viskazivaniy to achieve maximum results. After removal of scratches, dulling and fading varnish, apply a final layer that protects the paintwork from external influence. Applying this composition gives the coating an antistatic effect, driving, fewer delayed dirt, it is easy to wash and has a smooth and lasting Shine.

The process of polishing the car can be described by the following stages:

Thorough washing of the body;

Removing asphalt stains, buds of trees and other contaminants;

The body is degreased two different compositions;

Veneered with plastic body parts to protect from damage;

Mechanical polishing probablities paste;

Mechanical polishing mallarino paste;

Mechanical polishing of non-abrasive toothpaste;

Apply protective Polish;

Total work time up to 8 hours.

After polishing body we recommend our clients to build up a protective coating with a polymer coating of Waxoyl 100 Plus.

Waxoyl 100 plus — polishing to protect the lacquer layer with a high content of polymers. This is no ordinary wax and not the usual protective polishing. Forms a durable, transparent protective layer that can withstand 100 hand sinks. Protects against negative environmental influences, oxidation, fading, industrial emission of ultraviolet rays. Waxoyl creates a shiny coating that further enhances the look of the car.

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