Canopies and awnings for cars and recreational areas


Car canopy allows you to:

– to cover the car and the rest area from rain and snow.

– to protect the vehicle from the heat of sun rays and fading of the paint coating.

to create Parking space for storing cars.

Sunshade design team consists of supporting pillars and trusses, allowing you to easily increase the canopy to any desired length. In the manufacture of high quality coating is polycarbonate, the thickness of which may be of different thickness- 4, 6, 8, 10, 16 mm and different colors.

Advantages of polycarbonate awnings

Polycarbonate is the material on the characteristics ideal for izgotovleniya and visors.

Canopies from polycarbonate shock-resistant, resistant to extremes of temperature (operating temperature range from – 50 to +120 C)

and UV radiation. It is also important that the canopies from polycarbonate flame retardant. Usability canopies from polycarbonate

it is difficult to overestimate. Not only do they protect from the elements (rain, hail, heavy snowfall), they are protected from the direct rays of the sun,

but also allow more efficient use of your territory. For example, owners of country houses can create

outdoor garage for cars or even an indoor tennis court.

Canopy polycarbonate handy device for corporate or paid Parking.

Our experts will help you to find a sunshade or visor made of polycarbonate with an optimal ratio of price and quality.

Using advanced technologies and modern materials, we quickly and efficiently manufacture and install awnings,

canopies from polycarbonate. The presence of production enables to produce non-standard products.

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