Maximum convenience

You want maximum convenience and minimum cost when choosing and buying a car? Our experts will select the car that is suitable for You and will invite you to explore already proven machine.

Simply contact us by filling out the application form on the website with a call-back or on the phone, and tell us which car You want to buy!

Car search begins immediately after the conclusion of the contract. It includes unlimited travel expert for inspection of vehicles. Our experts thoroughly check:

– State of the body and the paintwork coating,

– Repainted and replaced parts,

– Involved in a serious car accident,

– Overall technical condition,

– Fault codes engine

– Work and errors automatic transmission,

– Errors in electronic systems,

Documents, registration and ownership of the car.

The Manager will come in a convenient place for the contract. Travel Manager absolutely free! At the conclusion of the contract, payment of 50% of the cost of services.

As soon as we find a car that has passed all tests and meet your requirements, expert invites You to explore and provides complete information about the car.

If the car You liked, the specialist will help keep his bargain with the seller agree on the transaction and execute all necessary documents.


24 000 20 000 rubles, bargaining with the seller in Your favor is always free!

In 95% of cases, our client services cost free . because the amount of the reasonable trade exceeds the cost of services.


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