The polishing body


Polishing car body returns the body of the original appearance, the paint starts to Shine like factory.

Polishing body suitable for pre-sales of the car to restore and protect the paintwork of the car

When the polishing body paintwork of the car removes all defects: scratches from jets of sand and small stones flying from the road to microcracks on a paint and varnish covering of a body and a circular stains.

View of the polishing body of the car depends on the goals.

The paint coating on the vehicle body in excellent condition – polishing body will protect from exposure to acids, alkalis, abrasive particles that are contained in the dirt road ( protective polishing car body ).

The paint layer is subjected to prolonged exposure “roads”, the floor of the car acquired a matte finish, it does not have its original splendor, but there is no deep damage is a necessary soft restorative polishing body.

Superficial damage to the coating of a car body is significant – needs restoration-abrasive polishing car body.

Protective polishing car body

Polish to Teflon, wax, silicone or epoxy is applied to the vehicle to preserve its appearance and protection from adverse environmental effects.

The Polish-based wax, silicone or Teflon creates on the surface of the car body protective polymer film. Film repels dirt and water, the body is less fade in the sun. After the rain and wash the body leaves no stains. The validity of such coatings 3-4 months, depending on the season: with frequent washes in spring and autumn polishes are gradually washed away and ceases to protect the vehicle.

Application of protective Polish (wax, Teflon, silicone) takes 1-2 hours.

Protective polishing “Teflon” guarantees the protection cover of the body of the car for 2 months. The time of applying a protective polishing on the truck is about 2 hours. The coating body retains a smooth shiny appearance, withstanding up to 8 washes!

Protective polishing “epoxy” guarantees the protection cover of the vehicle within 12 months. The time of applying a protective polishing body epoxy – about 12 hours. The coating body retains a smooth shiny appearance, withstanding up to 100 washes!

Abrasive (professional) polishing car body

When this polishing body eliminates scuffs, small scratches, matte plaque. The paintwork of the car body acquires a factory gloss, color is rich, bright. Car for a long time keeps shining through.

Polishing can not cover the entire vehicle, but only individual parts.

Axiom No. 1. the less time the injury of the body, the easier it is to return the car to its original state.

Axiom No. 2. prevention is healthier and more economical treatment. Best not to bring the car paint repair and restoration polishing, and to preserve the appearance of the protective polishing car body.

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