Car vacuum cleaner Kirby


Who doesn’t like when his house is a perfect purity? Modern technology is doing everything in her power to home care has evolved from a grave responsibilities unobtrusive light chores, occupying the minimum possible time. Vacuum cleaners, automatic washing machine, modern household chemicals leaves no dirt no chance.

But giving such importance to the cleanliness in your home, many motorists do not think that all of the above applies to their car. The strange thing that some people do not even think about what the car needs regular cleaning from dirt and dust.

Usually, washed to Shine the car outside, inside only wipe the dust on the dashboard, a brush sweep away small debris and dust, sometimes wash rubber mats. Rare motorist in the car wash will order the internal cleaning of the car, and not at each sink her doing.

Think. A huge number of people are in their car for several hours a day and are forced to breathe the dust accumulated in the seat upholstery and trim. No matter how you try to protect yourself from it, it will fail. Dust will still penetrate through the open window, or when you get in your car or leave it. In autumn and spring, inevitably is filled in with dirt, winter – snow and reagents, which are covered roads and sidewalks. As a result – allergies and other diseases.

To avoid this easily. Enough to buy a car vacuum cleaner. However, with all the variety of products of this denomination, not all vacuum cleaners can provide really high quality cleaning. One of the best and most convenient vacuums I would call Kirby .

12-volt handheld automotive vacuum cleaner Auto-Kirby ’SplitSecond 2TM». What is it good for? The model has plenty of power, powered by DC 12 volts. The plug is inserted into the cigarette lighter socket. It is much more convenient than rechargeable vacuum cleaner. These vacuums are too thin and all that they can to do – is to collect small debris.

Long cord of a vacuum cleaner (5.4 meters) allows you to reach every corner of the car, even in the trunk. The cleaner is designed to effectively clean the corners and crevices. There are nozzles for virtually any surface. An important advantage is the design of the container dust container can be easily removed and emptied, the filter is reusable, it can be washed and used again and again.

Many places the Kirby vacuum cleaner will not take. Stacked in a compact bag, it can be constantly in the trunk of a car, always ready to serve you.

The model is very elegant and stylish looks, made of high strength plastic. A reliable mechanism is used without any damage for many years.

This reliable and unpretentious household appliance is necessary for any car and will rightfully take its place among no less necessary motorist things: emergency stop sign, fire extinguisher, Jack and first aid kit.

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