The tinted glass of the car

Why toning?

Tinted Windows make the car more comfortable, beautiful and safe. In beauty penetrates less ultraviolet rays, the car never overheats, upholstery does not fade, extraneous eye becomes unavailable, your personal space and property. In winter, the film acts as a heat insulator, day protects from glare and bright sun, and at night — from the headlights of oncoming cars. In case of an accident it will protect the driver and passengers from the shards of broken glass, holding them myself.

According to GOST tinted windshield of the vehicle must not exceed 25% (the pass of light is not less than 75%), and side front – 30% (the pass of light is not less than 70%). The percentage of dimming rear window can be anything.

The process of rendering a car in Bitstop

Master autistically stations Bitstop used to render the highest quality film. Depending on the type of vehicle, the procedure takes from 1 to 3 hours.

Stages of professional tinting car:

Specialist carefully cut the film to form glass.

Using soap solution removes it from the protective layer.

Shading layer is bonded to the glass (in some cases, the wizard uses the dryer).

In the summer glued to the window tint dries up during the day in winter a little longer. After the good quality of the procedure, the Windows do not fade, not afraid temperature effects and not bubbling away. These are hard to scratch. The film fits, so it is impossible to remove without having the skills and special tools.

Frequently asked questions

How often can I do the tinting of car Windows?

At your request, the master may, at any time to replace the production floor with the same new or with a different percentage of light passes.

What kinds of tinting offers Bitstop?

Master avtosteklo station perform toning classic tinted, mirrored , colored , clear films. and they are adjustable tinted .

Film what brand you use for rendering?

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