Repair of motor vehicles Chevrolet and Ford

We offer you to use our auto repair and diagnostics of Chevrolet, Ford.

We perform:

Diagnostics chassis

Diagnosis electricians

Diagnosis of the air-conditioned car

Diagnostics of the engine

Engine repair

Repair of automatic transmissions and manual transmissions

Repair of electrical equipment

The installation of extra equipment

Car maintenance

Repair of chassis

Replacement timing

Replacement clutch

Repair steering systems


Repair fuel system

Cleaning injectors

Cleaning injector

Replacement of automotive glass

The American automotive industry is considered one of the world leaders in the automotive industry, sharing the championship with Japanese and European manufacturers.

More than a century the history of the production of vehicles from Ford and Chevrolet, allowed the engineers of the companies General Motors and Ford Motor Company to create a tradition of reliability and quality.

Historical background on the brand from United States:


American automobile brand. Chevrolet produced by the manufacturer within the General Motors Corporation. The first production Chevrolet began in 1911, in the United States. Also, under the brand Chevrolet produced automobiles in South Korea. In 2015, it is expected abolition of the brand Daewoo (also owned by General Motors), with the complete replacement of its Chevrolet brand.


Ford is an American brand cars. Produced by the Ford Motor company. The company was founded in 1903. In the first half of the twentieth century, Ford Motor Company actively cooperated with the Soviet Union, Germany, and since participation in the Second world war the U.S. army, worked for the army. In 1927 in Nizhny Novgorod began production of cars GAZ-a, in 1929 truck GAZ-AA, which was licensed copies of Ford-A Ford-AA. In the Wehrmacht adopted were tracked and wheeled cars manufactured by Ford. The U.S. army also was equipped with trucks and jeeps production Ford.

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